If You Use IBM Initiate, You Need to Read This

Nick Orser

Nick Orser, Product Marketing Manager

If You Use IBM Initiate, You Need to Read This

IBM® Initiate™ is a state-of-the-art master data management (MDM) and master patient index (MPI) solution with best-of-breed identity matching capabilities. Given how critical it is to have integrated patient, member, or customer data, many organizations have invested millions of dollars into an IBM Initiate solution and performed multiple tuning efforts to ensure its accuracy. But each of these organizations faces the same challenge: thousands or millions of “suspect duplicates” that must be manually reviewed and resolved. These “suspect duplicates” are flagged by IBM Initiate for manual review whenever its algorithms cannot determine whether two records match—often due to demographic data that is inconsistent between the two records (for example, one has an old address and maiden name, another has a new address and a married name, but both share the same SSN).

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Your organization is not an exception. You are either spending thousands of person-hours to resolve these suspect duplicates, or have thousands or millions of them accumulating without any plan to resolve them. Left unresolved, these remain in your MDM or MPI as duplicates—which drastically impact your organization’s operations, business results, and ability to provide exceptional service to your patients, members, or customers.

Verato uses a powerful new approach to identity matching called “Referential Matching” that is not limited by inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete demographic data. We’re not just a different algorithm—we’re a completely different approach.

Verato offers a cloud-based plug-in for IBM Initiate that can automatically process and resolve 50-75% of your implementation’s “suspect duplicate” tasks in seconds—saving you thousands of person-hours of manual effort and providing you with truly integrated patient, member, or customer data. This plug-in, called Verato Auto-Steward™, is fast to implement, highly-cost effective, scalable to millions of matches, and doesn’t disrupt your existing IBM Initiate implementation. And it can process your suspect duplicates in real-time as they are created.

We’re already doing it for Healthix, the nation’s largest public health information exchange (HIE) with over 16 million patients. Contact us to learn more.

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