A revolutionary SaaS MPI or MDM solution

The Verato Universal™ MPI represents the next generation of master patient index (MPI) and consumer master data management (MDM) technologies. It is a HITRUST-certified software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is powered by the new gold standard in patient matching and customer matching technology: Referential Matching. Simply put, the Verato Universal MPI is the most accurate, easiest to implement, most secure, and most cost-effective MPI on the market.

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A groundbreaking new approach to MPI and MDM technology

The power of Referential Matching in the cloud

Don't deploy, just

Don't deploy, just "plug in."

Because the Verato Universal MPI is cloud-based, organizations can simply “plug in” to instantly leverage it as a world-class patient matching or customer matching solution. And modern APIs allow for quick and simple integration with any IT solution from any vendor, including EHRs from Epic® and Cerner®.

Referential Matching is a powerful new technology

Referential Matching is a powerful new technology

Verato references its comprehensive and continuously-updated database of identities during matching. This database contains over 300 million identities spanning the entire U.S. population, and each identity contains a complete profile of demographic data spanning a 30-year history. By using this database as an “answer key,” Verato makes matches that conventional matching technologies could never make—even if two records have demographic data that is out-of-date, incomplete, incorrect, or different. Referential Matching isn’t simply a better algorithm—it is a completely new approach.

Completely protected. Cloud-powered security.

Completely protected. Cloud-powered security.

The Verato Universal MPI is HIPAA compliant and PCI, SOC 2 Type 2, and HITRUST certified, and Verato has met the rigorous administrative, physical, and technical security standards of its premier healthcare and other industry clients. The Verato Universal MPI never stores clinical data or holds any of your clinical information. You simply provide demographic identity data for your patients or customers—strictly for matching purposes—which is kept in a secure, private client environment.

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Faster. Better. Cheaper.

Superior to conventional MPI and MDM technologies in every way.

Weeks, not months

Be fully implemented in as little as six weeks—instead of the months or years of conventional MPI and MDM technologies.

98% match rate

Referential Matching delivers up to 98% match rates instantly—without any tuning cycles and despite low quality demographic data.

2x-3x lower TCO

No software to install, hardware to deploy, upgrade costs, maintenance costs, implementation costs, or algorithm tuning cycles.

How to get started:

Providers Payers Vendors

How to get started:


Quickly and accurately link your patient records across your health system.

Just “plug in” your EHR(s) and other systems to the Verato Universal MPI to gain a world-class patient matching solution that can link your patient records across your health system. Gain more complete and accurate clinical histories of your patients—while also reducing the costs associated with cleaning and governing your patient data.


Better link and consolidate member data

Link and consolidate all your disparate data sources for a quick and accurate picture of the cost, usage, and illness severity of your members throughout the year. Gain a rolling picture of opportunities to improve quality, HEDIS, Stars, and risk adjustment scores.


Gain a world-class identity resolution solution for your technology.

If your technology offering needs an identity resolution or matching solution, just “plug in” to the Verato Universal MPI using simple integrations via modern APIs. Gain real-time, powerful, and precise matching capabilities.

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