A Recap of Our Week at HIMSS16

Nick Orser

Nick Orser, Product Marketing Manager

A Recap of Our Week at HIMSS16

Verato had a great week at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas. Many members of our marketing, sales, and executive leadership teams made it out at one point or another to learn more about HIT, to network with other HIT professionals, and to spread the word about our unique patient matching solution that drives interoperability.

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On the exhibit floor we saw a lot of foot traffic. Many people were drawn to our booth by our awesome swag: little dart men that stick to everything, 3-in-1 charging cables, and elegantly arranged candies.

HIMSS16 Swag


Others were drawn by our shirts.

HIMSS16 Shirts


Whatever the draw, people who stopped by our booth understood what we did pretty quickly, and were excited about our message. Four ideas seemed to resonate the most:

  1. For organizations that are exchanging health information and want to improve interoperability, Verato can help them overcome differences in data quality and data governance to confidently know that they are exchanging information about the same person.
  2. For organizations that have a Master Patient Index (MPI), Verato can turbocharge its matching accuracy by finding matches it missed, by revealing matches that should not have been made, and by automatically resolving the massive list of manual data stewardship tasks (potential matches that need manual review) that the MPI has generated.
  3. For organizations that don’t have an MPI, Verato can serve as a lightweight MPI that links all of a patient’s records together with 98% accuracy regardless of data quality.
  4. For organizations that are struggling with new patient enrollment or registration, Verato can sit at every entry point and validate a patient’s identity information in real time.

We also brought enough handouts to build a small fort (which we elected not to do), and a few pieces of collateral were nearly gone by the end of the conference. Feel free to download them below, or view our full list of resources on our website.

On Thursday, we participated in an education session with Dan Chavez, the Executive Director of San Diego Health Connect (SDHC). Brent Williams, our founder and CTO, talked with Dan about how SDHC used Verato to help identify and match patients across its participating providers without data quality or data governance adjustments, and how Verato enabled SDHC to double the number of matches in its MPI. The presentation was well received and led to a few engaging discussions with attendees after it ended. Check out the presentation on the HIMSS website, and see below for a picture from the session.

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HIMSS16 Speaking Session

All in all, we had a great time at HIMSS16, and we can’t wait to see everyone again at HIMSS17!

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