Deliver Better Healthcare With Better Person Matching

See the whole person by removing duplicates and enriching data with Verato cloud based identity services including master person index.

Meet Rebecca and Start Seeing Patients Clearly

Verato connects each person and their data, turning your fractured, duplicated view into one complete picture.

Person Data Matters More Than Ever

With more complete, connected data, you improve everything informed by that data, whether you’re analyzing a person or a population, consolidating EHRs, or coordinating experiences.

Improve Patient Safety

Confidently matching patients with their data prevents medical errors and improves patient safety.
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Trust Analytical Insights

A patient picture without duplication offers confidence to act on analytic insights in support of quality, efficiency, and consumerism.
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Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions

Integrate systems post M&A by quickly consolidating patient rosters across applications.
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Optimize HIM Operations

Automate duplicate record reconciliation — curbing costs associated with manual data clean-up, accelerating reimbursement, and avoiding gaps in medical records.
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Create More Connected Care

Improve transparency and interoperability with cloud based patient matching.
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Enhance Your Technology

Healthcare technology vendors can improve their product suite by plugging in to Verato’s identity resolution services, where cost and performance scale as they grow.
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“Verato didn’t come with a one-size-fits-all approach. Working with them was stress-free.”

Shannon Hood, EMPI Manager, Intermountain Healthcare


“You can be an organization of world-class clinical care, but when a clinician cannot see the entire continuum of care for that patient, there can be dire consequences.”

Keely Aarnes, AVP of Revenue Cycle Management, Northwell Health


“Verato helped us increase provider satisfaction because we could integrate acquired practices faster. Their modern cloud-based approach integrates well with legacy technologies, while leveraging modern approaches for integration — ensuring a future-proof deployment.”

Dave Bonewicz, Senior Manager Data Governance, Axia Women’s Health

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$ 1.5 M
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10 K
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Cost of Inaccurate Records

Duplicate and inaccurate patient records are estimated to cost the average hospital $1.5M annually. Inaccurate and incomplete patient data drastically affects every patient and every healthcare organization. We’re here to change that.

Find the Product That Works Best for You

Implement an Innovative Master Person Index

Master Person Index as a Service

Your demands are changing. Verato Universal™ MPI is the cloud-based enterprise master person index that enables a complete, 360° view of data about patients — even as priorities shift. Deploy Verato Universal MPI in weeks to reconcile patient identities following an acquisition, to inform value-based care, and to support care coordination.

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“We were drawn to Verato Universal MPI because of its accuracy…and also by how quickly and easily it can be plugged into our existing infrastructure.”

Martin Howard,Chief Information Officer, Axia Women’s Health

Proactively Eliminate Duplicates and Increase HIM Efficiency

A Powerful Plug-in for Improving Patient Matching

Verato Auto-Steward™ is a cloud-based plug-in that dramatically improves data integrity and HIM efficiency without disrupting your existing systems or processes — empowering any HIM team to be more efficient.

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“Verato Auto-Steward helps us to prevent duplicates…which improves the overall patient experience.”

Keely Aarnes, Associate Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management, Northwell Health

Why Revolutionary Referential Matching Is So Important

Verato Referential Matching quickly set the benchmark in healthcare for patient matching. Achieving the highest accuracy levels out of the box is one thing that makes it revolutionary and so is its ability to rapidly connect data from new sources — like SDOH or As a result, easily inform new priorities that a traditional EMPI would struggle to keep up with — like M&A and consumer data warehousing. With Verato, you rapidly gain a 360° view — one that supports every priority.