If You Use IBM Initiate, You Need to Read This

Nick Orser

Nick Orser, Product Marketing Manager

If You Use IBM Initiate, You Need to Read This

IBM Initiate is a state-of-the-art master patient index (MPI) solution with best-of-breed patient matching capabilities. Given how critical it is to have integrated patient data, many organizations have invested millions of dollars into an IBM Initiate solution and performed multiple tuning efforts to ensure its accuracy. But each of these organizations faces the same challenge: thousands or millions of potential matches that must be manually reviewed because their underlying data is too ambiguous for even the most sophisticated algorithms to confidently make a match.

Your organization is not an exception. You are either spending thousands of man-hours to resolve these potential matches, or have thousands or millions of them accumulating without any plan to resolve them. Left unresolved, these “false negatives” affect both care quality and business results.

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Ambiguous potential matches arise because 30% of all patient identity data—like names, addresses, and birthdates—is inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete.

Verato uses an innovative new approach to patient matching that is not limited by inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomplete patient data. We’re not just a different algorithm—we’re a completely different approach.

Verato can turbocharge your state-of-the-art Initiate implementation by automatically processing your difficult potential matches in seconds—saving you thousands of man-hours of manual effort and providing you with truly integrated patient data.

We’re already doing it for Healthix, the nation’s largest public health information exchange with over 16 million patients.

Because Verato is cloud-based, it is fast to implement, highly cost-effective, and scalable to millions of matches. And it can process difficult potential matches in real-time as they are created in your patient matching workflow.

Contact us to learn more, or click here to read why Gartner named us a Cool Vendor. And check out the video below to learn more about our totally new, next-generation approach to patient matching.

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