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Patient matching is at the core of patient-centric healthcare technology solutions and has become exponentially more challenging with the push for industry-wide interoperability. Join our technology partner program, Powered by Verato, to achieve world-class patient matching functionality within your solution—while keeping your organization focused on your ultimate mission. Access patient matching that is accurate, secure, cost-effective, and easy to implement—all by simply subscribing to the Verato Universal MPI to take advantage of patient matching as a service.

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An accurate, scalable, low-maintenance MPI is vital to your solution

Avoid the downstream impact that inaccurate patient matching has on patient analytics, patient experience, and patient safety.

Auto-scale to any use case and maintain performance

Auto-scale to any use case and maintain performance

Powered by the new gold standard in patient matching technology: Referential Matching. There is no maintenance overhead, matching logic auto-tunes, and the system auto-scales to continue optimized, high-performance matching as you grow, adding customers and data sources.

Integrate with ease

Integrate with ease

Rapidly plug our cloud-based patient matching technology into your solution, without disrupting architecture, tuning algorithms, or standing up hardware.

Built for healthcare. And validated by healthcare.

Built for healthcare. And validated by healthcare.

Our mission is ensuring every healthcare stakeholder has access to accurate patient matching—across enterprises, regions, and even statewide and nationwide initiatives. Designed for healthcare and built to address its unique challenges, the Verato Universal MPI supports the largest health systems, health plans, HIEs, and tech vendors in the country.

Save time, money, and resources

Implement the Verato Universal MPI to avoid the timeline and cost of building a master person index.

Deploy in weeks with modern RESTful APIs

Our APIs are easily accessible, broadly understood, and optimized for developer-driven testing and implementation. Simply plug in.

Scale up pricing with solution deployments

Easy on-ramp subscription model that includes advisory services. Cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow licensing.

Leverage our expertise

We invested 150,000+ person-hours of data science and engineering towards solving patient matching—so you don’t have to.

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