Move ahead of the pandemic

The right data can help your public health team detect and manage disease outbreaks.


Gain insights to help slow the spread of COVID-19

Better data supports your public health team’s life-saving work. Verato provides curated data on social determinants of health (SDOH) and identity information management, so your team can reach at-risk individuals, anticipate outbreaks, and ensure equitable outcomes.

Person Data Matching Service for New York COVID-19 Response

Verato supports COVID-19 related alerts and public health efforts for Healthix, the largest public Health Information Exchange in the U.S., with data from 8,000 healthcare facilities and 20 million patients in New York City and Long Island.

“The thing that makes this all possible is that we can properly identify and match information about these patients and that’s thanks to our patient matching service, Verato.”

Todd Rogrow,

MPA, CHCIO, President and CEO, Healthix

Patient Identity Service for COVID-19

Verato Enrich provides SDOH data and identity management for every stage of your COVID-19 strategy: contact tracing, analytics, and outreach. SDOH data includes income, ethnicity, occupation, family situation, and dwelling, helping you reach at-risk individuals and support equitable access to testing and care.
Gain insight
Verato enriches your existing public health data with SDOH, so your team can be even more informed for tracking, anticipating, and responding to COVID-19 outbreaks.
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Pinpoint potential outbreaks
SDOH from Verato gives epidemiologists a foundation for predicting potential outbreaks among family groups, across neighborhoods, and within workplaces.
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Support equitable access to care and testing
Gain the information you need to track access to care and testing, supporting equitable care for all community members.
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Ensure strategies are evidence-based
Verato manages identity across your systems and links individual records, so epidemiologists can confidently analyze data from a variety of sources.
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Contact tracing is key to slowing the spread of COVID-19. If missing data is slowing down your contact tracers, Verato can help.