Accelerate COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Analytics

Person data management slowed containment of COVID-19. When people tested positive for COVID-19, contact tracers had a goal—make contact within 48 hours, but many tests were missing contact information which makes contact challenging. With Verato, public health teams can get help connecting test records and resolving missing person data. This helps speed time to make contact and increases the insights available in analytics.

Address gaps in missing demographics and SDOH data

Close the Contact Tracing Gap

About 80% of coronavirus test results were missing demographic information at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic (as reported in the New York Times). Verato helps associate drive-through testing results—and other test results—with the right person and provides insights on contact information and social determinants of health including ethnicity and race.

Verato helps support contact tracing efforts and COVID-19-related alerts for Healthix, the largest public Health Information Exchange in the U.S. Healthix connects data from 8,000 healthcare facilities and 20 million patients in New York City and Long Island. “Some patients hadn’t communicated the outcome of their COVID-19 test to their primary care provider. Our clinical alerts, driven by data from Verato, helped caregivers reach out to patients.”

Todd Rogrow,

MPA, CHCIO, President and CEO, Healthix

Make contact faster

Instead of spending hours or days chasing down information, contact tracers receive complete, accurate data, and can quickly reach individuals who test positive and those that they have been in close contact with.
Fill information gaps
Verato’s identity data services connect disparate records and invoke our continuously updated reference database that spans the entire U.S. population and serves as an answer key for missing demographic information, using data science.
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Integrate easily
A cloud-based solution, Verato integrates with leading platforms and legacy systems to improve person data management. Learn how our modern APIs support fast interoperability.
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Link person data
Fighting COVID-19 requires that person data stays error-free and is reliably linked, even when new information is added from numerous sources. Verato helps public health departments manage person data across multiple sources including epidemiology analytic sources.
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Trusted in healthcare
Leading healthcare organizations throughout the nation depend on Verato’s proven technology to verify and maintain patient identity across data sources and support healthcare analytics.
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