Automated Patient Matching

Automatically Resolve and Prevent Duplicate Medical Records

Transform health information management (HIM) operations when you automate duplicate record remediation to proactively find and prevent duplicates—curbing costs associated with manual clean-up, accelerating reimbursement, and avoiding gaps in medical records.


Imagine a Silver Bullet for Duplicate Records

HIM teams are often the unsung heroes of healthcare organizations—manually resolving duplicate medical records is tedious work, but essential for healthcare delivery, patient safety, and an optimized revenue cycle. By using Verato to automate this manual effort, you can refocus on mission-critical tasks.

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Eliminate Duplicate Records Once & for All

“Healthcare organizations — including health information networks — should consider incorporating referential matching into their processes given that this approach has generated among the highest match rates currently published.” – Enhanced Patient Matching Is Critical to Achieving Full Promise of Digital Health Records, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Modern User Interface
Verato’s straightforward, user-friendly interface supports the HIM team as data stewards, while automating time-consuming tasks.
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Verato Referential Matching℠
Verato pioneered referential matching as the new best-in-class approach for accurately connecting data to the right person—even if sources are disparate, siloed, and numerous.
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Cloud Reliability
Purpose-built for the cloud, Verato data services are highly secure, easily deployed, and continually updated. They provide a significantly lower cost of ownership than other solutions.
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Uncompromising Security
As HITRUST and SOC 2 Type II certified master person index and identity data services, Verato allows you to rest easy about the security of your consumer data.
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“Verato didn’t come with a one-size-fits-all approach. Working with them was stress-free. This flexibility allowed us to integrate them into our process, which in turn helped us achieve 174% productivity improvement.”

Shannon Hood,

EMPI Manager, Intermountain Healthcare