Streamline Mergers & Acquisitions

Make M&A Easier With Better Patient Matching

Mergers and acquisitions are massive undertakings with challenges that span your entire organization. Verato helps you efficiently consolidate applications, resolve patient identities, and identify overlapping patients.

Why Identity Resolution Matters

Accurate & Easy Patient Identity Resolution

Accurate identity resolution during M&A improves patient care, clinician satisfaction, EHR migrations, and revenue cycle. Gain a clear understanding of overlapping patient identities — and automatically resolve duplicate patient records — to deliver on promises to clinicians, patients, IT, and the rest of your organization.

“We were drawn to the Verato Universal MPI not just because of the accuracy of its Referential Matching approach, but also by how quickly and easily it can be plugged into our existing infrastructure after our merger.”

Martin Howard,Chief Information Officer, Axia Women’s Health

How Verato Can Help Maximize Value From M&A

Your success in M&A relies on a clear picture of your patients, but that becomes increasingly challenging as you introduce more data sources and siloed systems. Verato ensures all your data is connected to the correct patients with unparalleled ease and accuracy.
Verato Referential Matching℠
Verato pioneered referential matching as the new best-in-class approach for accurately resolving patient identities and connecting your patient data—even if your sources are disparate, siloed, and numerous.
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Cloud Reliability
Purpose-built for the cloud, Verato products are highly secure, easily deployed, and continually updated. They provide a significantly lower cost of ownership than other solutions.
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Uncompromising Security
As the only master person index products on the market with HITRUST and SOC 2 Type II certifications, Verato allows you to rest easy about the security of your patients’ data.
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Support & Services
Our customers value our ability to work within their environment. We deliver solutions that fit your needs, don’t disrupt your processes or technologies, and scale with you as you grow.
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“Verato helped us increase provider satisfaction because we could integrate acquired practices faster. Their modern cloud-based approach integrates well with legacy technologies while leveraging modern approaches for integration, ensuring a future-proof deployment.”

Dave Bonewicz,

Senior Manager and Implementation Lead, Axia Women’s Health