Improve Data Accuracy in Your EHR

EHRs form the core of many healthcare operations, but not all EHRs are created equal. No matter what gaps you encounter in your particular EHR system—like duplicate records and incomplete patient data—Verato can help fill the gap.


Improve Patient Care With Better Records

Verato can work with any EHR—without disrupting it or your workflows—to find and resolve duplicate records and ensure more complete patient records at the point of care.

Decrease Duplicates
Resolve Identity Errors Faster
Keep Teams Focused on Care
Save Money on MPI Maintenance

Fast, Flawless EHR Matching

It is an uphill task for most EHRs to perform patient matching on thousands of records in a quick, efficient manner. Only a portion of these incoming records can be matched through algorithms, and the rest need to be handled manually. Verato Auto-Steward can plug into your EHR to match many of the patient records that your EHR can’t, so your time and resources can be better utilized.

Why Verato Is an Excellent Match for EHRs

Many EHRs rely on Verato’s next-generation matching technology, automatic updates, and serious emphasis on security for total patient matching help.
Improve Matching
To better match records to one another, we cross-check them against a secure, national database of reference identities.
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Heighten Security
We train our teams on HIPAA compliance and proper data management. We’re also PCI, SOC 2 type II, and HITRUST certified.
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Leverage Cloud-Computing
By delivering data matching technology through the cloud, you get automatic updates for real-time data improvement.
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Rely on Expert Service
Our engineers and experts are experienced in healthcare and data management, so we can customize your integration.
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“We took our exception queue — about 187,000 at the time — and we ran it against Verato cloud. And in seconds, we cleaned up 75% of that patient exception queue. It was pretty phenomenal.”

Dan Chavez,

Executive Director, San Diego Health Connect


“Verato didn’t come with a one-size-fits-all approach. Working with them was stress-free. This flexibility allowed us to integrate them into our process, which in turn helped us achieve 174% productivity improvement.”

Shannon Hood,

EMPI Manager, Intermountain Healthcare


“With Verato, we were able to decrease the number of records that were similar, but not close enough to be joined, by nearly 50%.”

Michael Berger,

Chief Information Officer, CRISP


“[Verato] ensures that health data is being correctly linked to the medical records for the millions of patients across our health information exchange.”

Phyllis D. Szymanski,

Director, ClinicalConnect HIE