Patient Safety Relies on Seeing a Complete Person

Getting the right care to the right person is critical to patient safety, and missing information such as known allergies or prior clinical history can jeopardize outcomes. Conventional patient matching hasn’t kept up. Verato provides a revolutionary solution.


Accurate Data Connects Care to the Right Patient

It is estimated that at least 18% of patients’ records are incomplete at the point of care. Needless to say, this is a serious problem. To solve it, Verato brings a new type of matching to help improve the accuracy of medical records.

More than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical errors in the U.S.

Johns Hopkins,The BMJ (2016)

Why Verato Is Better for Patient Safety

Unlike other MPIs, Verato products use our pioneering referential matching technology to achieve unparalleled patient matching accuracy.
Unparalleled Accuracy
Verato Referential Matching is a revolutionary patient matching approach. With our reference data informed offerings, data stewardship overhead is low and data inconsistencies are overcome.
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Greater Security
We offer the only cloud-based HITRUST-certified master person index as a service.
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By adopting our cloud-based patient data management solutions, you don’t need to worry about maintenance, scale, or cost — focus on keeping patients safe and healthy.
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Support & Services
Our support and services team are dedicated to customer success. We will help design the right solution and help you be successful.
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“Partnering with Verato augments our existing patient matching capabilities…to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.”

Valerie Grey,

Executive Director, NYeC


“Verato’s next-generation approach solves the matching challenges associated with our unique patient population.”

Genaro Garza,

Director of IT, RGV HIE


“[Verato] ensures that health data is being correctly linked to the medical records for the millions of patients across our health information exchange.”

Phyllis D. Szymanski,

Director, ClinicalConnect HIE


“With Verato, we were able to decrease the number of records that were similar, but not close enough to be joined, by nearly 50%”

Michael Berger,

Chief Information Officer, CRISP


” [Verato is] enabling us to harness this data to help drive better patient care outcomes and lower costs across the state of Colorado.”

Morgan Honea,