Superior Patient Matching & Identity Resolution for Healthcare Providers

Delivering personalized, accurate patient care is only possible when you have a complete picture of every patient. Gain this complete picture with Verato.


You Need a Complete Picture to Deliver Complete Care

In an average hospital, 18% of patients’ medical records are incomplete at the point of care. This can seriously impact how providers deliver care. Verato helps you close these gaps in your patient understanding.

“The expense of repeated medical care caused by duplicate patient records averages $1,950 per patient per inpatient stay and over $800 per ED visit.”

Black Book Market Research

Why Healthcare Providers Choose Verato

Verato fits into your environment to quickly and securely improve patient identity resolution.
Reveal Trusted Insights
Achieving an accurate patient picture gives you the confidence to act on insights drawn from analytics around quality, efficiency, and consumerism.
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Streamline Mergers & Acquisitions
During M&A, you need accurate patient matching to efficiently consolidate applications and identify overlapping patients.
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Create Better Patient Experiences
Patients expect data transparency and convenience. Accurate matching connects the data necessary to deliver exceptional experiences.
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Improve Patient Safety
Matching patients with their data accurately is essential for you to prevent medical errors and advance patient safety.
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“Verato didn’t come with a one-size-fits-all approach. This flexibility allowed us to integrate them into our process, which in turn helped us achieve 174% productivity improvement.”

Shannon Hood,

EMPI Manager, Intermountain Healthcare


“Verato allows us to create a unified view of our consumers so we can connect people to the right care at the right time across our systems. We originally looked at Verato as an EMPI for our EDW, but we’re finding it has flexibility far beyond that use case, which allows us to be nimble across our initiatives.” 

Michael Parris,

Vice President, Data Integration, Texas Health Resources


“You can be an organization of world-class clinical care, but when a clinician cannot see the entire continuum of care for that patient, there can be dire consequences.”

Keely Aarnes,

AVP of Revenue Cycle Management, Northwell Health


“Verato helped us increase provider satisfaction because we could integrate acquired practices faster. Their modern cloud-based approach integrates well with legacy technologies while leveraging modern approaches for integration, ensuring a future-proof deployment.”

Dave Bonewicz,

Senior Manager and Implementation Lead, Axia Women’s Health


“Verato’s innovative approach to patient identity resolution delivers greater accuracy and ease.”

Geremy Gersh,

Vice President of Information Technology, GRIPA