Recapping the 2019 MDM & Data Governance Summit in Chicago

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The MDM & Data Governance Summit is an exciting place for the data management community to share insights on new technologies and best practices for taking on existing and emerging initiatives. This year’s summit focused on how consumer-driven initiatives impact the data community. I attended the 2019 summit last week in Chicago and had the opportunity to present with David Scamehorn, VP of Global Data Analytics & Customer Insight with Radisson Hotel Group. A big thank you to my co-speaker David for sharing Radisson’s journey to overcome customer data integrity issues.

Many organizations face problems with customer data quality because customer data is error-prone and always changing.

This presentation focused on how Radisson addressed these challenges by implementing Verato’s customer matching solution. Verato’s referential matching approach helped them identify more customers, eliminate duplicate customer records, and merge customer records across the separate systems that generate customer data. By achieving accurate customer 360, Radisson positioned themselves to perform better customer segmentation and gain confidence in their customer analytics reporting. The insights generated from their customer data will inform marketing tactics and result in positive customer experiences for a lasting brand impression.

Overhauling legacy IT is another common roadblock to customer MDM success.

David shared how Radisson faced a five-year journey to migrate to a new omni-channel customer MDM and CRM platform. Verato allowed them to deploy a cost-effective solution and keep existing architecture intact to enable the goals of the finalized platform in weeks. Integrating the cloud-based solution was simple with RESTful APIs.

Consumers are becoming a driving force of change in industries from healthcare to hospitality.

These modern consumers expect convenience, efficiency, and personalization in their interactions. Organizations that meet these expectations will succeed in gaining and retaining customer loyalty. Understanding who your customers are is the first step. Reach out to me and learn how Verato can help lay the foundation for customer MDM success!

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