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Retain members and reduce costs with better identity data management

Verato hMDM, the industry’s first end-to-end identity data management platform, helps you accurately connect, identify, enrich, manage, and activate fragmented member and provider data across your organization—ensuring you always know who is who.

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Integrate your data

Healthcare organizations need to find, send, receive, and integrate health information across clinical and operational systems to deliver, coordinate, and manage care. Accurate and trustworthy identity data management is the foundation for success, enabling data sharing capabilities for all person and organization data. 

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Drive total experience and member engagement

As the healthcare industry continues to tackle rising costs, new competitive pressures are driving focus on personalized care and delivering a consumer-grade experience. Power your consumer engagement initiatives with a complete and trusted 360-degree view of members and prospective membersto improve care costs, retain members and providers, and improve member experiences.

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Improve provider data integrity and management

Provider data powers your entire organization—accurate and complete provider data, including affiliation with line of business, plan and product, is critical to the efficient operation of your business. Effective provider data management requires a centralized solution to sourcing, curating, and managing provider data. 

Explore the Verato approach to provider data management

The Verato Approach: Comprehensive end-to-end person and organization data management in one platform—easy to implement out of the box


Frictionlessly integrate all sources of data with pre-built connectors to cloud apps, REST APIs, batch, and more.



Resolve and verify identities across sources, with our patented approach to Referential Matching™ and patent-pending Match Tiers™ technology, and robust identity verification verified by CLEAR™.



Automatically match and integrate enrichment data to fill gaps, for more successful outreach and marketing and to power advanced analytics; automatically verify addresses for outreach and geo-coding analytics/list building.



Master person and organization data, including relationships across domains, with flexible data models and Verato Smart Views™ technology. Deliver the right information/attributes to the right systems to power workflows.



Activate your business processes and workflows with complete and trusted data to optimize interactions and insights.


Over 80 of the most trusted brands in healthcare rely on Verato

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Everything you need for end-to-end person and organization data management

Our comprehensive, end-to-end approach to master data management for healthcare means you can get everything you need to connect, identify, enrich, manage, and activate person and organization data—in one frictionless and scalable platform. No compromises. No cobbling together point solutions or over-investing in under-performing homegrown solutions that require maintenance and updating. 

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Leaps and bounds more accurate than traditional solutions

Our patented approach to referential matching is third-party verified to be dramatically more accurate than other customer matching approaches in the market. Patent-pending Verato Match Tiers™ enables siloed data sources like leads and marketing data to be tiered and matched without impacting higher quality member and clinical data. This technology helps your organization target the right customers and attract new ones with personalized marketing. 

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Verato enables a complete and trusted view of people and organizations

Verato customers create exceptional experiences, grow member and provider loyalty, drive operational efficiency, and power advanced analytics and cloud computing by solving the problem that drives everything else: knowing who is who. Speak with a Verato expert today to learn how we can support your strategic objectives with our comprehensive, end-to-end platform for person and organization data management.

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Proven performance at enterprise scale

As a modern SaaS solution, Verato is proven to have the highest performance and reliability even at a massive scale. Verato routinely supports customers with 100M+ identities, 10M+ transactions per day, and 150+ transactions per second.

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Support that’s always on and always customer-obsessed

At Verato, we are invested in supporting you right from the start of your identity data management journey. From the configuration of the Verato platform to meeting your specific objectives through ongoing adoption, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring your success.