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Trusted by innovators

Over 90 of the most respected brands in healthcare rely on Verato as the single source of truth for identity, enabling a complete and trusted view of the people they serve.

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Driving automation and operational efficiencies at Healthix

“It’s really hard to find a vendor these days that’s more of a partner–and I think Verato really has done that for Healthix. …We’ve seen some really tremendous positive impacts.”

-Todd Rogow, CEO

Brightspring Health Services uses Verato hMDM to support growth

“Our mission is to help the people that we serve live a better life–a healthy life. A core aspect of that is to really know who they are. …Identity [data management] is really important for knowing who we are serving and making sure that we understand how they’re progressing through their health journey.”

-Phani Konduru, Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Knowing who is who at Contexture

“Our partnership with Verato really allows us to go on auto-pilot and allow technology to do the work instead of pulling staff resources and relying on our staff to have to make really hard, difficult, complex identity decisions.”

-Deanna Towne, CIO

Tackling provider data integrity at Baptist Health

“The referential data base that Verato has for both patients and providers is giving us the opportunity to get the edge up on master data management. Verato is the next generation of healthcare master data management…they are focusing directly on healthcare and I think that’s the huge difference.”

-Mandi McCracken, Director Enterprise Identity and Emerging Technologies

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M Health Fairview: Verato supports COVID-19 response

When COVID-19 began to appear in Minnesota, M Health Fairview created a dedicated, equipped hospital for patients fighting the virus—all in just 72 hours. A technology challenge quickly surfaced when legacy EHR systems didn’t communicate. But M Health Fairview had a key advantage: an existing relationship with Verato, a foundational element for connected health.

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How ADVault inserts patients’ values into their care

ADVault’s platform-as-a-service, MyDirectives, is the most widely used consumer-facing platform that empowers people to create a digital advance care plan or upload a paper advance directive or portable medical order like POLST and MOLST forms. In a conversation with Verato, Scott Brown, president and co-founder of ADVault, shared more about the company’s mission and purpose.

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Healthix: the future of patient data, happening now

Healthix is the nation’s largest public health information exchange and provides invaluable data to help New York City respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and other population health challenges. The next-generation Verato hMDM platform helps Healthix continue to grow its data analytics capabilities and support a healthier New York.

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GRIPA: Next-generation patient data management for a healthier, happier community

Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association (GRIPA)’s goal is to make better healthcare easier to deliver, less costly for patients, and more rewarding for all involved. GRIPA is taking health analytics to a higher level, beginning by moving their integration infrastructure to the cloud and replacing a legacy enterprise master person index (EMPI) with Verato cloud-native hMDM.

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Verato supports more than 90 healthcare organizations

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Front runners in healthcare rely on Verato

Verato is the identity solution of choice for organizations across the healthcare industry. No matter what challenges you face, we’re here to support your initiatives. Reach out to us today to find out how Verato can help.

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