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Gain a complete and trusted view of clinician and organization data

Verato Provider Data Management makes it easy to get a 360-degree view of every healthcare practitioner and provider entity in your enterprise—so you always know who is who.

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Tackling provider data management at Baptist Health

“One of the challenges with provider data is pulling data from multiple sources. We need data for our credentialed providers, we need data for our referring providers, we have residents. And getting that from multiple sources is a challenge. We had issues with data accuracy. We also had problems getting [provider data] to all of the systems that need this data.”

-Mandi McCracken, Director Enterprise Identity and Emerging Technologies

Why is provider data such a challenge?


Provider data is complex; it can represent many different types of entities—a person, a location, and sometimes both. Additionally, this data has an intricate hierarchy structure that has endless combinations of critical attributes which have severe implications from billing to care access. As a result, this often leads to missing and inaccurate information further contributing to the layers of complexity associated with rationalizing all forms of provider data.


Provider data is constantly changing due to the mobility of providers changing when, where, and what services they offer. The rate of these changes adds to the operational complexity of continuously managing and ensuring this data is consistently accurate—regardless of what system within your organization that is using this data.


Provider data is used by many different systems and applications and it is created and modified by many different users across every department within your organization. Consequently, the scale of managing the conflicting information across every different version of provider data within your organization is nearly impossible without a centralized distribution hub. Your IT teams must support the large-scale reconciliation and management of third-party data from NPPES and state licensing organizations that compounds the operational burden.

Why choose Verato for Provider data management?

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Data you can always trust.

Whether a new provider was recently licensed or an existing provider in your network had a licensing or address change, we know that you need to know right away. Verato helps fill in gaps in provider data and will notify you of critical changes, so you have the confidence that your data never goes stale.

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Faster time to value.

Typical provider data management solutions require extensive up-front mapping and configuration which can take years before you are up and running. Verato does not require extensive tuning to match your unique population – no mapping set up required. Our approach enables you to rapidly go live with speedy implementation.

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Quality that’s easier.

Verato minimizes the complexity and administrative burden of provider data management. Our approach uses modern APIs to ensure a seamless interoperability solution across any combination of systems, and our built-in reference and enrichment data is ready to use out of the box.

Accurately resolve and seamlessly manage fragmented provider data

Verato makes provider data management easier and faster without sacrificing quality. We seamlessly help you curate and synchronize provider data into a centralized hub that can be distributed across every part of your organization with the highest accuracy—feeding your systems and workflows with the right data to optimize business outcomes. The result is complete and trusted provider data, for better decision making, collaboration, and more effective, efficient workflows.



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Verato enables a single source of truth for better provider data management

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5 Essentials for Healthcare CIOs: A Provider Data Management Checklist

As many as 80% of entries in payer provider directories are inaccurate. Verato Provider Data Management makes it easy to get a 360-degree view of every healthcare practitioner and provider entity in your enterprise, allowing you to always know who is who across your ecosystem. Download our step-by-step guide to bringing provider data management to your healthcare business to get identity right from the start and improve coordination across your organization and the care continuum.

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