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Committed to ensuring better care everywhere by solving the problem that drives everything else—knowing who is who.

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Enabling better care everywhere

We help healthcare organizations across the care continuum accelerate the success of their digital health initiatives by helping attract, care for, satisfy, and retain more people because they fully understand preferences, risks, and needs at every touch point. We create the critical foundation for all consumer-centric services—from personalizing the digital front door to improving the entire care journey, to better managing risk and population health.

Digital transformation in healthcare

Successful digital transformation in healthcare requires a solid foundation of accurate and reliable data on which to digitize every facet of an HCO—from behind-the-scenes administrative operations, to care delivery, to patient interaction, whether it takes place in-person or online—and it must include foundational identity data for the patient, consumers, members, and providers.

More and more healthcare organizations are looking to onboard digital tools and solutions in the hopes of achieving goals like taking the strain off burnt-out staff, automating administrative tasks, acting on more reliable healthcare or population health insights, and more. This digital-first approach has great potential to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare today, but it also means that organizations are inundated with more data streams than ever before.

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Reliable and accurate identity data is the key

Healthcare organizations must be able to accurately match and unify records across all systems in their network—Electronic Health Records (EHR), Consumer Relationship Management (CRM), telehealth, patient portal, call center, Picture Archiving, and Communication Systems (PACS), home health, pharmacy, and more.

Knowing who is who will create links between the systems, and once this foundation is in place, HCO leaders make a cogent, forceful case for digitally transforming their institution with everyone from their front-line providers to the decision-makers in the boardroom.

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Why it matters

The United States has one of the highest costs of healthcare in the world, and issues with correct patient identification cause financial burdens to patients, clinicians, and institutions. The expense of repeated medical care due to duplicate records costs an average of $1,950 per patient inpatient stay and over $1,700 per emergency department visit. Knowing who is who, and accurately identifying patients across different systems will help to reduce healthcare costs.

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Getting identity right isn’t just economics

Every individual touches healthcare at some point during their life. You don’t want to fill out the same form three times because you visit different departments, you expect your care provider in the hospital to be aware of the information you shared with the physician of the affiliated clinic a few days ago. Plus, failure to accurately match patients to their health information raises different serious patient safety issues.

The 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report cites that 86 percent of respondents said they have witnessed or know of a medical error that was the result of patient misidentification. Knowing who is who allows healthcare organizations to build a system with a consistent data model across the healthcare enterprise. Ultimately, better data gives providers and patients a more frictionless care experience.

Explore our solutions

Verato has been leading healthcare digital transformation since 2012


Founded as Araxid with a mission to solve tough identity matching problems for the government.


Rebranded as Verato, with an expanded mission to bring best-in-class identity matching to the commercial sector. Received Series A instructional funding from venture investors including Bessemer Venture Partners and Columbia Capital.


Raised Series B funding from existing investors based on continued progress in market traction and technology development.


Launched Verato Universal MPI (UMPI), the next-generation technology focused on helping healthcare enterprises match and link their patient identities.


Raised Series C funding, added additional healthcare investors including Blue Heron Capital and California Health Care Foundation.


Opening of our first international office in Mérida, Mexico. Celebrating the inaugural Verato Olympics.


Celebrated the hiring of our 100th team member.


Launch of the Verato Universal Identity platform.

Our core values

Make a difference

Every one of us has made a conscious decision to work for a disruptive company whose mission is to enable better care everywhere. We work with a sense of urgency and conviction to make an impact every day — so we dare mighty things and have the tenacity, passion, and swagger to achieve them.

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Be trustworthy

The currencies of trust are accountability, expertise, and honesty. Therefore, we will earn the trust of our fellow employees, our customers, and the market by holding ourselves accountable to our commitments, developing deep expertise in our respective domains, and continuing to be transparent and honest with each other.

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Be customer obsessed

Our greatest asset is our customers. With every product we deliver, every feature we create, and every interaction we have with our customers we commit to exceed their expectations and deliver indisputable value.

A pile of metallic stars with a gold star in the center
Hands in together in team spirit
A group climbing a mountain holding on to one another
A pile of metallic stars with a gold star in the center
Verato company-wide team photo from April 2022

Life at Verato

At Verato, above all else we value the collective courage of our teams. We are at our best as a company when each of us has the courage to live our core values every day.

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