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Know your patients. Know your providers. Grow your organization.

The Verato Universal Identity™️ platform introduces the industry’s first hMDM, the next generation of MDM, redefined for healthcare to enable a single source of truth for identity by providing organizations a complete and trusted 360-degree view of their patients, members, providers, and communities.

Identify your patients across the entire enterprise

The digital health ecosystem is growing in size and complexity, and the result is that critical information about your patients is scattered in various systems–from your EHRs to CRM, marketing systems, radiology, pharmacy, billing, and beyond. In order to build a complete and trusted view of each healthcare consumer, you need to confidently index and assemble the records in disparate systems. The Verato identity resolution platform makes healthcare data management easy.

Improve the patient journey

Understand your provider network’s strengths and needs

Good healthcare data management means investing in knowing your providers as well as you know your patients. Index and assemble information about your providers–both individual practitioners and provider entities–with data from across your enterprise, and augment thin records with enrichment data. Build a 360-degree view of every provider in your system with data you can trust, to power your most important strategic objectives.

Manage provider data

Support that’s always on and always customer-obsessed

At Verato, we are invested in supporting you right from the start of your healthcare data management journey. From the configuration of the identity resolution platform to meeting your specific objectives through ongoing adoption, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring your success.

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