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Know your patients. Know your providers. Grow your organization.

The Verato Universal Identity™️ platform introduces the industry’s first hMDM, the uncompromising next generation of healthcare identity data management, purpose-built to combine the benefits of healthcare’s most accurate EMPI with trusted identity verification, enterprise master data management, and data enrichment. So you get everything you need for end-to-end identity data management, and nothing you don't.

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Manage identity data for patients and members across the entire enterprise

The digital health ecosystem is growing in size and complexity, and the result is that critical information about your patients is scattered in various systems–from your EHRs to CRM, marketing systems, radiology, pharmacy, billing, and beyond. In order to build a complete and trusted view of each healthcare consumer, you need to confidently resolve and manage the records in disparate systems. The Verato identity resolution platform makes healthcare identity data management easy.

Improve the patient journey

Understand your provider network’s strengths and needs

Good identity data management means investing in knowing your providers as well as you know your patients. Resolve and manage information about your providers–both individual practitioners and provider entities–with data from across your enterprise, and augment thin records with enrichment data. Build a 360-degree view of every provider in your system with data you can trust, to power your most important strategic objectives.

Manage provider data

Support that’s always on and always customer-obsessed

At Verato, we are invested in supporting you right from the start of your healthcare identity data management journey. From the configuration of the hMDM platform to meeting your specific objectives through ongoing adoption, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring your success.

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End-to-end identity data management, in one platform built specifically for healthcare


Proprietary Verato Referential Matching® technology

Verato invented Referential Matching and our proprietary approach has third-party verified, clinical-grade accuracy for healthcare

Holistically view a patient's data

Verato Match Tiers™ technology layers information from highest-quality sources like clinical data, with lower-quality or thinner sources like healthcare marketing data–for a true 360-view to power better decision making and workflows.

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Verify patient and provider identities

Identity verification enables a secure, friction-free experience to patients, members, and communities while driving efficiencies and data security.

Accurately match and link data for one person across siloed systems

Whether you are managing data for patients, members, consumers, or providers, our integrated EMPI capabilities will ensure highest-accuracy matching to power complete and trusted 360-degree views.

Deliver the right data, at the right time, for the right workflow

Verato Smart Views are the next generation of the golden record in healthcare, offering organizations multiple, configurable, composite views of person data for different business needs.

Built for healthcare identity management

Our hMDM platform uniquely combines the benefits of EMPI, identity verification, MDM, and provider data management, purpose-built for healthcare.

Cloud-native SaaS that’s plug-and-play

Built natively in the cloud, our hMDM platform deploys in weeks, quickly integrates with your data sources using modern APIs, seamlessly scales to your needs, and requires no maintenance.

HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant identity resolution

We are committed to the highest levels of security. That’s why our hMDM platform is HITRUST, SOC 2 Type II, and PCI certified and has passed the most rigorous standards of data security for our healthcare and government customers.

Trusted and respected by 80+ healthcare organizations

Verato is the identity data management platform of choice for more than 80 of the most trusted brands in healthcare.