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Improving population health requires knowing who is who

The right data can help your population health team reach at-risk individuals, create proper engagement, and better manage chronic diseases. Verato helps you know who is who so your team can concentrate on reaching the right people.

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A doctor talking with a patient using a tablet that contains the patient’s medical records

Improve patient engagement

In order to engage patients successfully, you need to know their medical history, contact preferences, and socio-economic household conditions. Verato makes it easier to collect this data by helping you gain a 360-degree view of every person in your system.

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Gain insights

Verato enriches your existing population health data with SDOH, so your team can be even more informed for tracking patient environmental factors and ensuring positive outcomes across your community.

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Pinpoint potential outbreaks

SDOH from Verato gives epidemiologists a foundation for predicting potential outbreaks among family groups, across neighborhoods, and within workplaces.

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Support equitable access to care and testing

We help you gain the information you need to track access to care and testing, supporting equitable care for all community members.

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Improve population health outcomes and be prepared for future outbreaks

Better data supports your population health team’s life-saving work. Verato provides curated data on social determinants of health (SDOH) and identity information management, so your team can reach at-risk individuals, anticipate outbreaks, and ensure equitable outcomes.

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