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How RGV Deployed a SaaS MPI Solution with Significant TCO Savings



RGV HIE is a non-profit HIE established in 2011, covering 9 counties and 1.6M patients along the border of south Texas. Due to its unique location, RGV HIE faces significant patient matching challenges. Over 83% of the population that it serves is Hispanic, resulting in many patients with similar last names. “Winter Texans” stay in the area for 5 months, but their permanent residence is northern. There are always many travel visitors both from within Texas and out-of-state. And patients often travel outside of the RGV HIE area for specialty care. Because of these challenges, RGV HIE sought an extremely high degree of accuracy in a patient matching approach, but it had other considerations as well. RGV HIE sought an MPI solution that could quickly integrate into its best-of-breed technology strategy, was rapid to deploy and implement, and didn’t require personnel specifically to manage the MPI.


“Verato has brought
a next-generation
technology to market
that allows us to
solve the matching
challenges associated
with our unique
patient population.””

Genaro Garza, Director of it, rgv hie


The Verato Universal MPI is a cloud-based patient matching platform that uses the power of Referential Matching to deliver the highest matching accuracy rates in the industry. This approach provides the accuracy that RGV HIE needs for its unique patient population. And because it is cloud-based, the Verato Universal MPI quickly integrated into RGV HIE’s best-of-breed technology strategy, was rapid to deploy and implement, and didn’t add personnel specifically to manage the MPI.


Fast implementation

RGV HIE went live with the Verato Universal MPI in just 4 months after contract signature, 13 weeks shorter than other MPI implementation timelines.

Cost savings and duplicate prevention

In addition to the quick implementation, the Verato Universal MPI saved RGV HIE $400,000 in TCO savings over 4 years

And due to the accuracy, RGV HIE is preventing the creation of 60,000 additional duplicate records per year.

$400,000 Saved in total cost of ownership

13 weeks Saved in implementation time

60,000 More duplicates prevented annually