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Deliver the best, most relevant information to the right systems at the right time.

Power better workflows and decision making, streamline manual stewardship, and improve governance with Verato hMDM.

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Deliver precisely the right data, at the right time, for the right workflow

Verato Smart Views™ is designed to empower your organization’s strategic objectives by ensuring the precise delivery of necessary information to the appropriate stakeholders or systems. Recognizing the diverse informational needs across departments, Smart Views enables customized configurations tailored to specific use cases. This means that whether for marketing, billing, or customer support purposes, each provider, employee, and system receives exactly the data needed about a healthcare consumer to enhance outcomes, while maintaining strict confidentiality and access control. 

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Optimize data stewardship with intuitive workflow tools

Automate more identity resolution, at highest accuracy, with Verato. For the most complex tasks, Verato hMDM enables data stewards with reference data and an AI-powered Smart Steward™ copilot for efficient decision making, dashboards for prioritization and productivity management, automatic overlay detection, and benchmarking data. Our intuitive and easy to use stewardship tools were designed by healthcare data stewards, for healthcare data stewards.

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Understand and manage relationships

Verato hMDM empowers healthcare organizations to effectively understand and govern the intricate relationships among individuals (whether they are patients, members, consumers, citizens, or providers), organizations, and locations. Our platform is designed to meet the unique demands of healthcare data and enables better experiences for both providers and patients by providing a comprehensive view of the connections that matter most.  

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Enhance data governance

Verato hMDM enables consolidation of fragmented person and organization data from various sources into a single, authoritative source. This ensures that every stakeholder, from clinicians to administrators, accesses the same, accurate information, reducing discrepancies and errors. By establishing a unified and accurate source of master data, healthcare organizations can eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies in data management and governance.  

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Frustrated with your current MDM or EMPI solution? Verato can help.

Verato knows healthcare. Our hMDM platform is purpose-built to integrate easily with the data source systems and consuming systems that healthcare organizations use--and to support your most important strategic objectives by delivering the right version of data attributes to the right system or workflow to drive performance.

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