Verato Identity Solutions Power Your Most Important Strategic Objectives

Our solutions enable smarter growth, improved care quality and efficiency, and better population health by solving the problem that drives everything else—knowing who is who.

Over 70 of the most respected brands in healthcare rely on Verato for a complete and trusted 360-degree view of the people they serve to accelerate the success of their digital health initiatives and fully understand consumers’ preferences, risks, and needs from the beginning and throughout their care journey.

Built to Power Your Most Important Initiatives

Here are just a few ways Verato identity solutions can positively impact outcomes across the healthcare continuum by providing you with a complete and trusted picture of each person you serve.

Improve Patient Safety

Accurately matching patients with their data is essential to prevent medical errors and advance patient safety.
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Streamline Mergers & Acquisitions

During M&A, you need accurate identity resolution to efficiently consolidate applications and identify overlapping patients.
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Reveal Trusted Insights

Assembling a complete and trusted view from fragmented person data gives you the confidence to act on insights drawn from analytics.
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Create Better Patient Experiences

Patients expect data transparency and convenience. Accurate matching connects the data necessary to deliver exceptional experiences.
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Scale With Growth

Healthcare technology vendors partner with Verato to offer identity resolution that scales as they grow.
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Optimize HIM Operations

Automatically find and prevent duplicate records — curbing costs associated with manual clean-up and avoiding gaps in medical records. Power stewardship teams with reference data, workflow management, and performance analytics to make stewardship faster and more accurate.
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Get More From the Products You Already Use

It’s time to innovate. Our products integrate with any solution to give you a more complete understanding of patients.