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Universal identity management for your patient, member, consumer, and provider data

The Verato Universal Identity platform enables better care everywhere with the the industry’s first hMDM, the uncompromising next generation of healthcare data management. Our cloud-native SaaS solutions power smarter growth, better care, and actionable insights with a complete and trusted 360-degree view of patients, members, providers, and communities.

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Get identity right from the start

Whether smarter growth, better care, or actionable insights is your priority, you need to get identity right from the start. Let’s connect to discuss how we can partner solve the problem that drives everything else–knowing who is who.

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Accelerate your healthcare initiatives with accurate, actionable data

Attract, satisfy, and retain patients and members

Better, more complete information about those you serve–in the right hands at the right time–makes the difference in an increasingly competitive market.

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Enable interoperability across your digital health ecosystem

As the number and types of data sources with useful information about your patients, members, and providers continues to grow, so does your need for an identity data management solution to confidently link that information together.

Merge software and match duplicate records

Even within one EHR, fragmented and duplicate records can be dangerous and costly. With more and more critical data created and stored outside the EHR, confidently matching data across systems is critical.

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Improve and connect your provider data

Provider data management doesn’t have to be a chore. Resolve and manage data from siloed sources across your enterprise and fill gaps with Verato-provided enrichment data to build a complete and trusted 360-degree view of each of your practitioners and provider entities.

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Better manage risk and population health

You can more confidently fuel your population health and health equity initiatives with complete and trusted views of your patients, populations, and providers–assembled from data living in siloed systems across your enterprise.

Activate and grow your provider network

Power and prioritize your physician relationship management efforts with complete and up-to-date information about the providers in your community. Manage comprehensive provider information before, during, and after M&A activity.