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Highest accuracy in healthcare—or any industry

Verato gives you confidence in your data, so you can be confident in your data-driven decisions. The Verato hMDM platform is powered by our patented third-generation approach to Referential Matching (U.S. Patent Number 11,899,632).

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Highest match accuracy, from clinical to consumer

Verato identity matching technology is third-party verified to be the most accurate in the industry, allowing for a quantum leap forward in building a compete person record from data fragmented across disparate sources.

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Unique, integrated Verato Referential Matching® technology

Our revolutionary approach to matching, Verato Referential Matching®, is patented (U.S. Patent No. 11,899,632) and achieves the highest patient matching accuracy rates in the industry–even when faced with incorrect, inconsistent, or incomplete patient demographic data. So you can connect more of your data to the right patients, members, and consumers.

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Unparalleled national dataset

Verato accuracy is leaps and bounds ahead of other solutions in part because of our unparalleled, highly curated database of demographic data spanning the entire U.S. adult population over a 30-year history and a unique set of algorithms and data science built by our experts, specifically for healthcare.

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Verato Match Tiers preserves accuracy while supporting completeness

Without the proper multi-tiered matching technology, linking lower quality consumer data to clinical-grade patient data can cause dangerous matching errors to occur, risking patient safety and undermining success of all strategic initiatives associated with a consumer/patient 360 initiative. Patent-pending Verato Match Tiers™ uniquely allows for data from sources with varying  levels of completeness and integrity to match to a single identity without compromising or impacting clinical data or future match decisions. 

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Why is identity data management accuracy important in healthcare?


The literal life-or-death nature of clinical decisions supported by patient and member data puts a high bar for accuracy and precision on identity data management solutions for healthcare applications.  


Healthcare data is some of the most highly regulated and high-stakes in terms of security and privacy—which underscores the importance of knowing who is who, so that sensitive healthcare data is not shared with the wrong person. 


Healthcare executives know that to drive results for any of their important priorities and initiatives, they need complete and trusted, well-managed data about patients, members, consumers, providers, and communities. 


Accurate identity matching and identity data management powers better experiences for consumers, patients, members, and providers—who expect transparency and convenience. 


More accurate identity matching allows for higher degrees of automation, less manual data stewardship, and more effective workflows powered by complete and trusted 360-degree views of patients, consumers, and providers. 

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We invented Referential Matching to solve the problem that drives everything else—knowing who is who™.

Verato pioneered Referential Matching technology to achieve industry leading and independently verified identity matching accuracy — head and shoulders more accurate than legacy patient matching approaches. Our approach is patented (U.S. Patent No. 11,899,632), proven, and trusted by over 90 of the leading brands in healthcare. Download a complete guide to this groundbreaking identity matching approach.

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