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Verato Match Tiers creates matches no other data matching solution can make

Layer clinical, consumer, and digital data to compile a larger view of individuals and take your healthcare marketing engagement to the next level.

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time

Verato Match Tiers™ layers EHR clinical data with CRM healthcare marketing data to create targeted patient engagement campaigns, to help close gaps in care and grow new patient volumes. This creates a better customer experience by sending personalized messaging and avoiding duplicate or inappropriate content.

More measurable and impactful outreach

Match Tiers technology allows you to identify the impact of your targeted campaigns on patients’ clinical outcomes, providing you the opportunity to benchmark your outreach and more effectively close gaps in care.

Diagram showing how patient and consumer data sources are prioritized with Verato Match Tiers

How Verato Match Tiers works

Health systems often have multiple data bases with patients’ clinical and consumer data, such as EHRs and CRMs. Until now, these database couldn’t be combined or matched without jeopardizing more secure clinical data. Match Tiers allows your siloed data sources to be layered and matched without impacting higher quality patient data. This technology helps your organization target the right patients and gain new ones.

Additional features that complement Match Tiers technology

Smart Views

Go beyond a traditional master view or golden view. Smart Views allows administrators to manage data governance and create multiple composite views which provides the right data, at the right time, for the right workflow.


Create household groups across patient identities and have a more complete understanding of a patient’s environment. Knowledge of patient’s household members gives health systems the ability to create better custom engagement and grow new patient volumes