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Make mergers and acquisitions easier with M&A identity data services

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are massive undertakings with challenges that span your entire organization. Verato helps you rapidly consolidate applications, resolve M&A identity data, and unify provider data.

Merger and acquisition services

As you bring data from several organizations together, Verato gives you the ability to cleanse data from every source, eliminating duplicates and errors with a quick and easy plug-in. Verato can also help you accelerate manual cleanup efforts needed to consolidate multiple instances of electronic medical records.


Verato Universal Identity™ platform

An M&A event is the ideal time to replace or supplement a legacy data management solution, and the Verato Universal Identity platform offers modern APIs and lower total cost of ownership than other solutions. The platform can operate as an integration factory, operationalizing the onboarding of new organizations and their data.


Identity management guided by Referential Matching

Verato Referential Matching® compares patient and provider data against a curated, continually-updated national reference database, ensuring that person identity stays consistent across your organization and within your enterprise data warehouse.

Referential matching

Support and services

Our customers value our ability to work within their environment during a merger or acquisition event. We deliver solutions that fit your needs, don’t disrupt your M&A processes or technologies, and scale with you as you grow.

Customer praise

The most respected brands in healthcare trust Verato


How Verato can help maximize value from M&A

Your success in M&A relies on a clear picture of your patients and providers, but that becomes increasingly challenging as you introduce more data sources and siloed systems. Verato ensures all your data is connected to the correct people with unparalleled ease and accuracy, and that you can rapidly consolidate and retire applications so that you experience ROI even more quickly.

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