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Webinar: The Past, Present, and Future of Patient Matching at Northwell Health

About this webinar:

The Past:
Learn about Northwell Health’s successful two-year journey to eliminate duplicate patient records, including implementing an EMPI, contracting with a data cleanup service, hiring staff to remediate “potential duplicates,” then implementing a cloud-based service to automatically remediate 87% of these “potential duplicates” with Referential Matching technology.

The Present:
Hear the best practices Northwell Health recommends after completing its journey to eliminate duplicate records, as well as the current workflows, processes, and technologies Northwell is now using to manage patient identity and prevent duplicate records.

The Future:
Hear Northwell Health’s vision for the future of patient identity, including how biometrics can play a role, how to get mutual buy-in from registration and billing to support your goals, and how to deploy a SaaS EMPI to help flag and resolve duplicate records during scheduling.

Keely Aarnes, IT Director, Strategy and Planning at Northwell Health
Joaquim Neto, VP Healthcare Solutions at Verato