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Superior patient and provider matching for healthcare providers

Delivering personalized, accurate patient care is only possible when you have a complete picture of every patient and provider in your system. Gain this complete picture with Verato.

Reveal trusted insights

Achieving an accurate picture of your patients, providers, and consumers gives you the confidence to act on insights drawn from analytics around quality, efficiency, and consumerism.

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Streamline mergers and acquisitions

During M&A, you need accurate patient data matching and provider matching to efficiently consolidate applications and identify overlapping records.

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Create better patient experiences

Patients expect data transparency and convenience. Accurate patient and provider matching connects the data necessary to deliver exceptional experiences.

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Improve patient safety

Matching patients with their data accurately is essential for you to prevent medical errors and advance patient safety.

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Designed for HIM, by HIM professionals

Through the advanced data stewardship user interface of the Verato Universal Identity platform, HIM professionals have the right workflow for the right task. Stewardship managers have access to instant reporting on topics such as productivity, workflows, and can perform bulk assignments of tasks based on specific criteria for a streamlined experience.

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You need a complete picture to deliver complete care

An an average hospital, 18% of patients’ medical records are incomplete at the point of care. This can seriously impact how providers deliver care. Verato helps you close these gaps in your patient understanding. Learn how you can get a 360-degree of every person in your system with Verato.

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