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Know who is who with industry leading cloud-based patient identity

Verato UMPI™, ranked the number one enterprise master person index (EMPI) by Black Book Research, and Verato Auto-Steward™, a quick and easy plug-in, give you a complete picture of your patient information to help you transform care quality and deliver an exceptional patient experience.

A man at a computer using a patient identification system
A doctor talking with a patient using a tablet that contains the patient’s medical records

Industry-leading accuracy

Verato pioneered Referential Matching technology to achieve industry leading and independently verified identity matching accuracy — head and shoulders more accurate than legacy patient matching approaches.

Physicians review EHR records

Cloud-native SaaS

Verato is born in the cloud to achieve unparalleled flexibility, performance, and ease of deployment for healthcare organizations — to power identity matching for the future of healthcare that isn’t possible with other patient identity management solutions.

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The importance of an effective EMPI

Healthcare organizations are facing an explosion of data about your patients — and from many new and disparate sources. Organizations must ensure all of this data is associated with the right patient to improve outcomes, move faster than ever before, and raise the bar on patient expectations.

Two people looking at a laptop reviewing SDOH data

Accurate patient identity with Verato Auto-Steward

With an easy-to-implement plug-in, you can get more data accuracy out of an EHR, enterprise master patient index (EMPI), master data management (MDM), or customer data platform (CDP), improving all facets of your healthcare services and operations.

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Improve patient safety

Patient identification errors are a top issue in healthcare. Matching patients to their data is essential to preventing medical record errors. Verato UMPI and Auto-Steward give any EHR or enterprise master patient index (EMPI) an accuracy boost so you can improve patient safety with more complete patient records.

Two members of a healthcare organization discussing patient identity resolution

Streamline mergers and acquisitions

If your organization is going through an M&A transition, Verato UMPI and Auto-Steward can rapidly resolve “potential duplicate” tasks that have accumulated, allowing you to efficiently consolidate applications, ensure patient identity integrity, and avoid creating multiple records for the same patient..

Healthcare professional explaining the use of patient digital records in identifying data

Optimize HIM workflows

Verato UMPI finds and resolves duplicate records in a task queue — curbing costs associated with manual clean-up, accelerating reimbursement, and avoiding gaps in medical records.

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Create better patient experiences

Patients expect data transparency and convenience. Verato UMPI and Auto-Steward connect patient identities within your EHR, enterprise master patient index (EMPI), master data management (MDM), and customer data platform (CDP) so you can deliver exceptional experiences.

Reclaim the costs of incomplete and inaccurate patient data

Accurate patient identification is crucial. Inaccurate patient records cost hospitals millions of dollars in labor, denied claims, and redundant tests and procedures — even hospitals that have invested in best-in-class enterprise master patient index (EMPI) tools. Deploy Verato UMPI to reclaim the costs of inaccurate patient data and to power initiatives where your current EMPI fails to meet requirements, especially in light of concerns like healthcare data breaches and the need for better data security.

$1,900 per inpatient stay
$100,000 operational costs
$1,500,000 denied claims
10,000 hours manual labor