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Drive smarter growth in your organization

Today’s patients are empowered consumers who expect a seamless digital experience. Meeting their needs and knowing their preferences is the key to attracting new patients and preventing network leakage. Verato can help--learn how in this on-demand webinar.

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Improve patient experience

To give your patients the best possible care, you need to understand their medical history, household environment, preferences, needs, and provider interactions. Verato helps you gain a 360-degree view of every person in your system and improves initiatives like digital front doors and consumer apps.

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Connect patients and providers

Patients expect transparency in their care and digital access to their providers more than ever before. Connecting patients and providers is a crucial part of engaging patients and improving satisfaction. Accurate provider data management is the cornerstone of these initiatives. Verato Provider Data Management helps you gain a complete view of every provider in your system.

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Improve digital experiences

Just as in other aspects of their lives, patients want to be able to schedule appointments online, have access to their information, and personalize their digital experience. In addition to offering digital front doors, it’s important to show patients you remember who they are, know their family members, and make their health a priority by sending appointment reminders.

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Streamline mergers and acquisitions

During M&A, you need accurate patient matching to efficiently consolidate applications, identify overlapping patients, and know which ones are already being referred into your system. Similarly, comprehensive provider data management is vital in identifying overlap of provider networks and redundancy in provider identity data.

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Gain valuable insights

See complete and trusted views of your patients, providers, and consumers across your entire ecosystem. Verato identity analytics helps you spot opportunities for patient and consumer outreach, gain insight into provider performance, and link siloed systems to assemble fragmented data into Smart Views for each person in your organization.

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Scale effortlessly

As a cloud-native service, the Verato Universal Identity platform deploys quickly, integrates easily, and scales effortlessly with the needs of your organization. Our technology auto-scales to any use case, including hundreds of millions of identities and transactions, while maintaining sub-second response times.

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Achieve smarter growth with Verato

As digital transformation sweeps through the healthcare industry, growth is one of the key strategic priorities for healthcare organizations. But outdated systems and unstructured data can become obstacles on the road to success. Verato is here to help you face these challenges.

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