Eliminate your duplicate medical records with revolutionary patient matching technology

Verato brings you the power of Referential Matching technology through two cloud-based services. Learn more about Referential Matching by downloading "Enhanced Patient Matching Is Critical to Achieving Full Promise of Digital Health Records," the landmark report from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Improve your EHR, EMPI, or MDM

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Verato Auto-Steward is a powerful cloud-based service that plugs into your EHR, EMPI, or MDM to automatically find and resolve its duplicate medical records.

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Deploy the most accurate EMPI

in weeks with very low total cost

The Verato Universal MPI is the most accurate, easiest to implement, most secure, and most cost-effective EMPI and consumer MDM solution on the market.

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Watch our video to learn about Referential Matching, our revolutionary new technology.

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