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Build a center of excellence for managing provider data

A complete and trusted view of provider data, for all your strategic initiatives

Aggregate fragmented data

Index and assemble information about your providers with critical but fragmented data from across your enterprise.

Fill in gaps

Augment thin records with enrichment data that’s automatically matched to your data with Verato Referential Matching®.

Gain valuable insights

Empower provider analytics and reports with complete and trusted provider identity data and industry-leading matching.

Get the right information to the right people to power your important initiatives

Verato SmartViews™ are configurable by your organization to optimize accuracy and usability.

Verato can help

Providing an accurate picture of all of the providers across your enterprise and maintaining a complete and trusted provider index is essential to making informed operational decisions. Unfortunately, building and updating such an index can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Verato Provider Data Management™ makes it easy to get a 360-degree view of every healthcare practitioner in your system, allowing you to always know who is who across your enterprise.

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Benefits of building a provider data center of excellence with Verato

Unmatched accuracy

Verato Referential Matching™ technology significantly outperforms traditional approaches

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Richer data

Fill in gaps with Verato-provided data to complete the picture. Combine your data with Verato provider data with configurable Verato SmartViews™

Easy to implement

Born in the cloud. Modern APIs. Integrates seamlessly with existing processes and systems. Just plug in.

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Verato integrates seamlessly with existing processes and systems with zero disruption.