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Verato Referential Matching, the industry-leading benchmark for accuracy

Other matching approaches can no longer keep up with the volume and breadth of new data, from disparate new sources and with varying degrees of quality. Verato Referential Matching® was built to handle these new demands.

The benefits of Verato Referential Matching

Verato Referential Matching® connects the right data to the right patients with the highest accuracy in the industry.

A more complete picture of your patients and providers

Verato Referential Matching achieves the highest patient matching accuracy rates in the industry, even when faced with incorrect, inconsistent, or incomplete patient demographic data. So you can connect more of your data to the right patients.

Comprehensive reference data, built in

Verato Referential Matching is powered by Verato Carbon™, our proprietary reference database of commercially-sourced demographic data spanning the entire U.S. population of healthcare consumers and providers over a 30-year history. We use this database as an “answer key” during matching to more accurately connect your data to the correct patients, consumers, and providers.

Smart algorithms, pre-tuned for speed to value

Verato Referential Matching uses artificial intelligence and smart algorithms that have been pre-tuned to the entire U.S. population — and therefore require no extensive tuning to match your unique population. This makes data integrations much faster and more seamless.

Top healthcare organizations rely on Verato

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Verato Referential Matching isn’t simply a better algorithm. It is a completely new approach that is a quantum leap more accurate than existing matching technologies. It represents the next generation of identity matching technology.

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