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Northwell Health: Improving Data Integrity for Better Patient Experiences



Northwell Health is New York state’s largest healthcare provider, serving over 2 million patients. Northwell has undertaken many initiatives to engage patients even before they enter the system, including launching a new patient application. Behind the scenes, Northwell was experiencing what any organization of their size experiences – duplicate patient records resulting from disparate data sources and applications. Northwell implemented technologies and processes including an EMPI to help improve its patient matching, however the EMPI was not cutting it, resulting in a growing queue of tasks. Not addressing this growing number of duplicate records, threatened to increase claims denials, decrease care quality and patient safety, and reduce patient and clinician satisfaction.

“Since Verato Auto-Steward helps us to resolve potential duplicates quickly, we greatly reduce the risk of having duplicate records in our active patient population, which improves the overall patient experience.”

Keely Aarnes, Asst. Vice President Business Operations

The Solution


Verato Referential Matching®

Verato Referential Matching connects the right data to the right patients with the highest accuracy in the industry.

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Verato Auto-Steward

Northwell simply plugged Verato Auto-Steward into its EMPI to automatically resolve its “potential duplicates” without disrupting existing processes or technologies.

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Reduce manual tasks

Utilizing Verato Auto-Steward reduced manual task review queue by 87% and allowed staff to be shifted from manual, tedious work to higher-value projects.

The Results

Duplicates at an all-time low

By using Verato, Northwell resolved 87% of its growing queue of “potential duplicates.” Northwell is using Verato to ensure duplicate records stay at an all-time low and aid in delivering the right information to the right patient at the right time.

Better matching, new initiatives

As staff are freed from duties related to resolving duplicate records, they have shifted to training on properly creating records and preventing duplicates from occurring.

Making a difference

Hear how superior data quality is strengthening patient experience initiatives for Northwell Health