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Append patient demographic data and SDOH

Verato Enrich is powered by the cloud-based Verato Universal Identity™ platform, providing a critical infrastructure backbone for customer-360 initiatives, care coordination, and population health analytics.

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Demographics and SDOH

Append a wide array of patient demographic data ranging from basic contact information like missing phone numbers and addresses to lifestyle data like income, ethnicity, race, occupation, and interests.

At the intersection of matching and data

Enrich is powered by Verato’s identity solution technology. Our data enrichment acts as a data accelerator, shortening the cycle between initial data acquisition and actionable complete data.

HITRUST, SOC 2 Type II, and HIPAA certified

Verato Enrich is a compliant secure addition to Verato’s solution which is both HIPAA and HITRUST certified. Verato is exclusively committed to healthcare. As such, we never move or store clinical data—only patient demographic data, and only for the purposes of improving healthcare.

Verato supports more than 70 healthcare organizations


The benefits of using Verato Enrich

Gain access to SDOH data

Enrich provides social determinants of health data including transportation options and access to resources. This patient demographic data allows you to tailor care to your patient’s needs and improve health outcomes.

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Up your analytics game

Reveal key insights that help you understand clusters of people. Verato enables you to plan health initiatives that reach more patients and consumers.

Address health equity

Append race and ethnicity data to better understand if you are disproportionately providing care to certain populations. Our data enrichment allows you to take action where necessary to improve outcomes.

Support population health

Better understand population-level attributes, including trends and risk factors. Verato helps you manage population health to improve health outcomes.

Bolster care management

Deliver targeted care and wellness programs to individuals based on more complete patient demographic data. Having a complete picture of every person allows you to individualize care.