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Better provider data fuels better referral management

Improve accuracy in referral routing so results are timely and reliable, for better patient care.

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Customer spotlight: Accurate routing of results

A large health system leverages Verato to support their result routing from their acute care centers, which operate on Cerner, to their ambulatory centers, which use Epic:

  • Systems use different identifiers for provider data. Cerner uses a PR Doc Number assigned by STAR, while Epic uses the NPI.
  • With Verato in place, the organization has confidence that results from Cerner (acute) can flow into Epic (ambulatory).
  •  With proper provider data management, results are not lost or mis-assigned.
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Feature spotlight: CASS-Certified Address Verification

  • Real-time address verification, which verifies and enriches address information directly in Verato platform
  • Ensures the validity, deliverability, and precision of addresses  
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Feature spotlight: Data enrichment

Fill in gaps for missing information such as:

  • Demographics
  • License information
  • Specialty information and taxonomy
  • Education
  • If in PECOS and accept Medicare
  • Relationships. 
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Feature spotlight: Clinician-organization relationships

  • Verato data model supports complex relationship attributes with other clinicians and organizations. 
  • Understand provider’s affiliations to another organization informing care coordination 
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Unlock the power of complete and accurate healthcare provider identity data

Your provider identity data is increasingly complex as your enterprise grows and healthcare becomes more digital. Confidently resolve and manage fragmented provider identity data--for individual practitioners and provider entities--from across your entire enterprise and beyond with Verato.

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