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Improve provider data integrity with Verato

Verato helps you accurately resolve, enrich, and manage fragmented provider data across your organization, so always know who is who.

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Why focus on provider data integrity?

Provider data powers your entire organization—accurate and complete provider data, including affiliation with line of business, plan, and product, is key to efficiently operating your business.   

For example, did you know that 20-30% of claims can fall out of the auto-adjudication process, and an estimated 25% of those cases are due to provider data quality problems?  

Accurate and complete provider contracting information is critical to for adjudicating claims. With poor provider data integrity, organizations will have more denied claims and lower rates of auto-adjudication, which gets expensive quickly. 

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Why healthcare payers need a provider data management solution

Provider data management requires a centralized solution to source, curate, and manage provider data.  

Provider data is complex–it represents a person or a location, and sometimes both. There are complicated hierarchies that must be managed, including the specialty and relationships or affiliations providers have with other providers and entities.  

A trusted and comprehensive master data management solution for provider data ensures you are proactively pushing the most complete and accurate provider information into your data warehouse and data lake.  

Verato hMDM manages a wide range of provider information, including contact information, credentials, specialties, and affiliations in a centralized, single source of truth for provider data. 

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How is Verato different from other solutions?

Verato hMDM is the next-generation identity data management, purpose-built for healthcare to be the single source of truth for your provider identity data.    With Verato you can:  

  • Ensure your provider data never goes stale—with daily updates and notifications about critical changes within your networks. 
  • Take the burden off your team to source and manage provider enrichment data—like affiliations, NPI numbers, license information, and practice and mailing addresses. 
  • Get running in months with our modern API approach. 

So whether you’re engaging with new providers or running performance reports, you always have the best version of provider data to run your business.  

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