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Fairview Health Services, GRIPA, and Others Select Verato to Improve Patient Experience through Better Patient Data

Across Healthcare, providers, health plans, HIEs, and healthcare technology vendors continue adopting Verato referential matching to reverse the identity crisis

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Verato, a leading provider of cloud-based patient identity resolution services based on referential matching, today announced their largest quarter. During the second quarter of 2019, they added multiple health system, health plan, HIE, and healthcare technology organizations to their growing customer family. Notable among these are Fairview Health Services, a non-profit integrated delivery network based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association (GRIPA), a physician led partnership between Rochester Regional Health and more than 1,300 physicians in Western New York and the Finger Lakes. Fairview Health Services and GRIPA will each deploy the Verato Universal™ Master Patient Index (UMPI).

“As we expand our physician network, our goal is to support future growth in patient volumes, reduce overall labor costs associated with health information management, and leverage the most modern, scalable, and secure technologies available,” said Geremy Gersh, vice president of information technology for GRIPA. “Verato will replace our existing EMPI. Verato’s innovative cloud-based referential matching approach delivers greater accuracy and ease, creating a compelling case for us to change now.”

“The market continues to respond positively to Verato because we are redefining the way patient identities are resolved across every part of the healthcare ecosystem,” said Jason Bihun, chief commercial officer for Verato. “We enable healthcare organizations to understand patients, improve patient experiences, and accelerate growth. As an example, GRIPA will be able to deliver more coordinated care in New York because their physicians will have access to a more complete patient picture, at a lower cost, with less infrastructure, and with less manual data reconciliation. Our team is proud to be helping innovative healthcare organizations capture and retain patients by helping them ensure their patients are happy, healthy, and engaged in their care—all while managing costs.

“We are thrilled to assist Fairview Health Services in realizing its vision of a healthier future for each and every patient they serve,” said Mark LaRow, CEO of Verato. “Our unique technology solves healthcare organizations’ patient matching challenges with unprecedented accuracy, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of deployment and operation. These qualities deliver the flexibility necessary for the dynamic requirements of large growing networks like Fairview and cross-organization collaboratives like GRIPA. Verato can operate in the traditional role of the master person index (MPI) and can also provide the identity glue that enables newer innovative use cases like digital front door, CRM adoption, telemedicine, data warehousing, and omni-care analytics. In either scenario, Verato’s high accuracy and easy operation are the essential new ingredients that make it all work.”

Verato offers two products; both rely on its proprietary referential matching technology, which is externally validated by The Pew Charitable Trusts. The Verato Universal MPI is the most accurate, easiest to implement, secure, and cost-effective master person index for healthcare. The product is a HITRUST-certified, cloud-based SaaS solution that can be deployed in as little as six weeks at any scale. Verato also offers Verato Auto-Steward, which plugs in to any MPI, EMR, MDM, or customer data platform to improve its patient matching functionality.

About Verato
Verato helps healthcare organizations improve the health, happiness, and engagement of patients. Verato’s flexible, easy-to-implement, SaaS patient matching services enable patient, member, and consumer data to be managed, matched, and linked with unprecedented ease, accuracy, and scale. Verato pioneered an innovative new technology called referential matching and it uniquely powers these patient matching services with unprecedented accuracy. These solutions support initiatives like consumer experience, analytics, and organizational growth at many of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. Verato is based in McLean, VA. To learn more, visit