Verato and Particle Health Partner to Improve Interoperability and Data Efficacy for Healthcare and Technology Solutions

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verato, the leading provider of next-generation identity resolution technology, and Particle Health, developers of a modern API platform enabling simple and secure access to health data, today announce their partnership to improve data exchange and interoperability across the healthcare continuum. Through the partnership, the Particle Health platform will use Verato Universal® MPI to better track patients and data flow, allowing for complete patient records to be accurately compiled, retrieved, updated and shared securely.

Previously, Particle Health used a master patient index that was developed in-house to match patient data and records. The solution was built with a strict data matching algorithm, which didn’t provide Particle with the same flexibility Verato offers for handling the continuous updates and shifts in patient records, such as name and address changes. Using the Verato Universal MPI enables Particle Health to further improve data matching functionality and query results, as well as more efficiently and effectively share and maintain patient data.

“We created Particle with a vision of improving digital healthcare by making it easy to safely access data from every source imaginable,” said Dan Horbatt, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Particle Health. “As healthcare data grows, this gets harder and harder to do, especially without the right patient matching solution in place. Where our previous solution was inflexible and difficult to update, the Verato Universal MPI helps us not only match records better to begin with, but also allows us to keep up with shifts in patient demographic data more easily, ultimately improving care by ensuring that our technology partners can provide healthcare professionals with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.”

Created with developers in mind, Particle Health’s API aggregates data from thousands of different sources to provide digital health solutions with a single, secure access point to healthcare data. The organization unifies records from over 270 million patients across the U.S., enabling vendors to overcome a major barrier to innovation: data access. Through the Verato partnership, Particle Health has already seen an increase in successful medical record transactions.

“Interoperability and digital health are on everyone’s minds these days, but data sharing is oftentimes only possible if you can trust who the data belongs to,” added Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato. “Our partnership with the Particle team is an ideal synchronization of two mission-driven organizations. Our goals to improve healthcare are perfectly aligned, with Verato serving up the next-generation identity resolution capabilities and Particle Health providing the channel for access so that their customers can use the data with confidence to coordinate care. We’re thrilled to share this common goal and partnership with Dan and Particle Health.”

About Verato
Verato, the identity experts for healthcare, enables better care everywhere by providing the single source of truth for identity to organizations across the care continuum including providers, payers, healthcare technology, life sciences, public health, and HIE organizations. Over 70 trusted brands in healthcare rely on Verato’s identity resolution SaaS platform for a complete and trusted 360-degree view of their patients, employees, and customers in their communities. With our HITRUST-certified platform, organizations can integrate every step of the care journey across CRM, EHR, enterprise analytics, and digital health experiences quickly and at scale. For more information, please visit

About Particle Health
Particle Health enables healthcare companies by offering simple, secure access to vital medical data. Founded in early 2018 by CEO Troy Bannister and CTO Dan Horbatt, the company is focused on breaking down data silos that stunt innovation by building developer-friendly environments. Particle’s modern APIs dismantle the complexities of traditional integrations, creating endless healthcare possibilities.