3 Data Integrity Approaches to Take During COVID-19

Public Health/Thought Leadership

Verato’s own Joaquim Neto caught up with FierceHealthcare to discuss the importance of data integrity to manage population health and public health.

During COVID-19, the industry quickly learned that access to accurate data during a public health crisis is crucial to contacting individuals who test positive for disease and containing the outbreak.

We offer three vital approaches for healthcare organizations and public health agencies to take to overcome data integrity challenges in health management:

  1. Strengthen data demographic verification using existing systems
  2. Invest in data interoperability—even without a government mandate
  3. Enrich commercial lab reporting data

During a public health crisis, a foundation of data integrity and interoperability helps avoid situations where public health agencies must “cobble together information from many disparate systems,” which has prompted the need for “feasible, short-term steps to improve interoperability and exchange of key data for COVID-19 containment,” according to a Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy report.

Find out more about how data integrity at the point of service or the point of research can eliminate gaps in patient data and ensure highly reliable care.