An epic blog post: How to improve patient matching in Epic® Identity™

Thought Leadership

Epic® EHRs hold records for 54% of patients in the US, a number that grows every day. And Epic has evolved to become a one-stop shop for an organization’s software needs – including infrastructure for communication and collaboration across the healthcare organization ­– which is why organizations are willing to shell out $700 million or more to implement an Epic solution.

But while Epic is a fantastic EHR system, it has one foundational component that is far from fantastic: Epic® Identity™, it’s master patient index (MPI) module.

Epic Identity manages patient records, including identifying and resolving duplicate patient records within the organization. While many HIM Directors hoped that Epic Identity might solve their patient matching headaches, they’re facing a familiar problem – long task lists of flagged “potential duplicate records” needing manual review and resolution, and upwards of 20% duplicate patient record rates.

This drastically diminishes the value of their huge Epic investment, because all of these duplicates lead to decreased quality of care, decreased patient safety and privacy, lost revenue from claims inefficiencies, redundant tests and procedures, and increased IT and labor expenditures – including hiring teams of health information management (HIM) staff to manually review and resolve the “potential duplicate records.”

This is where Verato comes in.

Verato offers a simple cloud-based plug-in called Verato Auto-Steward™ that plugs into Epic Identity – and simply makes Epic Identity work better.

Verato Auto-Steward automatically finds and resolves the missed matches and duplicate records in Epic Identity, and even automatically resolves the “potential duplicate records” that Epic Identity has flagged for manual review and resolution by HIM staff.

Verato Auto-Steward seamlessly connects with Epic and simply makes the patient matching component of Epic Identity work better, without disrupting any of the other core functionality of Epic or of Epic Identity.

Learn more by reading this white paper.

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