Fail-Proof Matching: Why It’s Critical to Disaster Responses

Thought Leadership

There have been wide implications for today’s coronavirus pandemic, leading to a surge in the number of people seeking testing and treatment in EDs, the call for “all hands on deck” to support increased volumes, and the demand for rapid response.

These health disasters can amplify the risk for errors in medical care when patient records aren’t matched to the correct individual—from incorrect or missed diagnoses to unnecessary testing. 

Healthcare organizations can take immediate steps to strengthen their record-matching capabilities and improve readiness for health disasters, including:

  • Prevent duplicate medical records at the point of patient registration
  • Add referential matching
  • Seek ways to better connect telehealth systems to patient records

Our latest thought leadership piece, featured earlier this month in For The Record, highlights why each of these factors amplifies the need to match the right record with the right patient at the point of care.

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