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How to enhance your experience when migrating to Epic

Thought Leadership

EHR migrations are complex projects with a lot of moving parts, but paying attention to patient data and duplicates is important because it can have lasting effects on an organization’s revenue and the patient experience.

Epic requires that organizations stay at a 3% or lower identity duplicate rate. This can pose a challenge to healthcare organizations who have duplicates occurring throughout their many systems. Some organizations have anywhere from ten to fifteen different systems that contain patient identities and require a thorough clean up.

Most organizations don’t realize at first how low that 3% threshold actually is, especially when you consider that the average duplicate rate is 18%.

Verato works with healthcare systems to connect each patient and their data, turning fractured, duplicated views into one complete picture of the consumer. An EHR migration project is an excellent time to tackle duplicates and fragmented data.

Working with customers to meet the 3% or lower EPIC duplicate rate, we start with three simple steps:

  1. The organization posts Epic duplicate files in Verato’s secure portal
  2. In just a few weeks, Verato will post result files and review overall statistics
  3. The organization takes results and processes them through Epic

Why should organizations consider Verato when migrating to Epic?

Trusted by Healthcare Leaders

Verato is widely recognized by many Epic clients as being trustworthy and dependable, including: RWJBarnabas, Farview Health Services, Texas Health Resources, Wellstar, Guthrie and more. This is because Verato’s automation first approach demonstrates results early, within weeks of starting a project.

Cost Effective

The market rate for manual remediation companies are at least double Verato’s rate, organizations can save millions of dollars on data stewardship.

Fast and Easy

Verato is easy to get started with, with no onboarding required and a simple and secure file exchange. Verato is ready to process any volume of duplicates at anytime.

Increase patient safety & draw more value from Epic

Verato’s patient identity solution is able to examine an organization’s entire patient population, beyond the duplicates originally identified. This process is proven to find hidden duplicates to create more accurate patient records, drawing more value out of Epic by having clean, complete patient data.

Interested in improving the lives of your HIM teams, getting more out of your IT budget, and building better patient experiences? Schedule a demo with Verato today.