Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match


Does your EHR, EMPI, or MDM have a large queue of patient identities (or Queue-PID, pronounced “cupid”) awaiting manual review by your HIM team to determine if those identities are duplicates?

Is this Queue-PID so large that you’re falling out of love with your EHR, EMPI, or MDM technology?

Is your HIM team heartbroken by the number of duplicates needing manual review and resolution?

On this Valentine’s day, consider Verato Auto-Steward™, a cloud-based solution you can quickly plug into your EHR, EMPI, or MDM to automatically find and resolve its missed matches and duplicate records, including any “potential duplicate records” it has flagged for manual review and resolution by HIM staff.

Verato Auto-Steward uses powerful Referential Matching technology to automatically find and resolve missed matches and duplicate records—and because it is cloud-based it is easy to deploy and does not disrupt any of your existing processes or IT systems.

It’s truly the best matchmaker out there.

♥ Won’t you be our Valentine? ♥