Meet Our Solutions Architect: Nick Orser

Just for Fun

Verato’s solutions architects are so dedicated to what they do, from managing data in our master patient index, to supporting contact tracing, they touch a wide variety of tasks every day and are committed to delivering excellence. As an invaluable part of our team, I wanted to go behind the scenes and get to know them a little better. I decided to check in first with Nick Orser, who has been with Verato since 2015.

Why do you like working at Verato?

“A few reasons. First, we get to help our customers make patients healthier, happier, and more engaged, which is a compelling mission to be a part of. Second, we have genuinely really innovative technology, and it’s fun to be able to connect that technology to our customers’ initiatives to solve their challenges – even just explaining our technology to prospects is always fun, because they’re typically pretty “wowed” by how much more modern and innovative our tech is than the rest of the EMPI space. Third, we have an amazing and very experienced team — as someone who has been a solution architect for a relatively short period of time, it is so valuable to be surrounded by team members who have deployed EMPI solutions for a range of customers across the healthcare industry, of all sizes and types, with such diverse needs and technology platforms. Being able to dip into that knowledge base is super important for me to learn and grow in this role.”

Why do you care about data?

“I care about people. To gain more accurate and complete views of people — who they are, what impacts their health, what their preferences are for how they access healthcare — you need more accurate and complete views of those peoples’ data. The data is everywhere, from myriad sources, and with incredible diversity of how complete and accurate it is. The trick is having a tool that can help you tie all that data together for a person — to get a more complete picture of the person from the vast array of data you have about them.”

What is the most interesting problem you’ve solved?

“Some unique challenges that have come up this month include: managing provider/practitioner data in our master person index solution and figuring out how to take data from and enrich it with additional contact details to support contact tracing for a large public health group. Anyone who’s interested in learning more about how we solved these challenges should reach out!”

What does a typical day look like?

“There is no such thing as a typical day. However, one day might involve having a conversation with a new prospective customer to learn about their challenges and start to piece together how we could help. After that, a call with a customer in the middle of a Proof of Value project, showing them some sample matches that Verato made with their data to demonstrate how our technology can make more matches and discover more false positives than their existing EMPI solution – and showing them how we made those automated decisions. I also might be working on a project plan for a new customer who is about to start an implementation. Finally, reviewing contracts, an RFP, and a proposal for a few different prospective customers.”

What is your favorite Oreo flavor?

“Original, briefly dipped in an espresso.”