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Meet Tara Figley: Sr. Director of Development & Operations

Just for Fun

This week I am checking in with our Senior Director of Development and Operations, Tara Figley, who has been with the company since 2013. Tara plays a vital role in leading the development teams and delivering new features and functionality every month.

What does a typical day look like?

“There is no such thing as a typical day. Every day poses new challenges and new problems to solve. Sometimes the challenges are technical, sometimes they are staff related, sometimes they are related to processes or procedures, sometimes they are in response to a customer opportunity, and sometimes they center around how we grow and pave the path forward. Each day is interesting and an adventure.”

What do you like most about your job? 

“From a personal perspective, I like that it is always changing and that it affords me the opportunity to learn and grow every single day. I also enjoy working with the great team of folks we have here and seeing others grow and succeed and the feeling of accomplishment when we step back and look at all we’ve been able to deliver as a team. “ 

What new features is your team working on that you are excited about? 
“This one is a tough one as each of the development teams is working to deliver new features and functionality across products and across lines of business and there is exciting work happening across the board. Any time I see work that we’ve done in development get into the hands of customers is exciting to me.”

How do customers influence the development work that you do?
“Our Product Owners play a critical role here as does the Customer Delivery team. These folks are the eyes and ears for development a lot of the time and we count on them to gather and convey customer requirements to our development teams.”

Is there anything that you and your team do that you want the company to know about? 
“Delivering software consistently on schedule month over month doesn’t happen by accident. Each and every developer has to remain focused, have a keen attention to detail, and have a true dedication to their craft. I would like the company to know the level of diligence, coordination, and effort our developers put in to keep that new functionality coming.”  

How do you recharge after work? 
“I spend time with my family – and in the rare event I get some time alone, I do enjoy a good book.”

What is your favorite Oreo flavor?
“I don’t know that I’ve tried any flavors other than the normal, original chocolate ones — I need to get out more!”