Surging Telehealth Creates a Patient Duplication Problem

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The rapid acceleration and scaling of telehealth often creates a disconnect between the EHR and Telehealth. Specifically, duplicate or disconnected records result when new telehealth account IDs do not match the MRN. This typically occurs as a result of on-demand telehealth account creation.

To help, Verato is offering “Telehealth Identity Bridge.”

Telehealth Surge Creates a Serious Record Management Problem

A high proportion of telehealth visits fail to automatically “match up” with the corresponding EHR chart; e.g. Cerner or EPIC. This results in three primary problems:

  • Telehealth clinicians lack access to patient clinical histories, making it difficult to triage cases or make informed decisions about whether a patient can quarantine at home or should be admitted.
  • Hospital clinicians do not have access to information from recent telehealth visits so when a patient presents in the ER, they are blind to information obtained via a telehealth visit.
  • Health Information Management (HIM) teams become overloaded resolving these discrepancies.

How Telehealth Identity Bridge Solves this Problem:

The Telehealth Identity Bridge, is invoked each time a patient creates a telehealth account. The patient’s EHR chart and the telehealth record will be linked using the EHR’s single MRN. This happens 1-2-3:

  • Populate MRNs into your private instance of the Telehealth Identity Bridge.
  • Every time a new telehealth account is created, Verato connects the account to any existing MRN. Verato is cloud based and HITRUST certified so this is quick and secure.
  • The EHR MRN is then supplied back to the telehealth application; avoiding a duplicate record from being created and ensuring a connected care experience.

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