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Healthcare IT News: Where to Invest Increasing Digital Health Dollars

Reliable data common across all systems is one of a variety of places healthcare CIOs can push funds, one expert says.  

According to the HIMSS22 State of Healthcare Report, 80% of health system leaders plan to increase their investment levels in digital health over the next five years.

The report also found 60% describe themselves as “stuck in the planning and pre-implementation phases” of digital transformation, either because they don’t have the necessary infrastructure or they lack the high-quality patient and other data required to achieve their goals.

As more organizations are opening the digital front door, patient data and patient identification will become increasingly important, said Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato, a healthcare digital transformation vendor.

Healthcare leaders should focus on investing in these areas, but it’s important to note that new technology is not enough. Healthcare organizations run the risk of failing to realize the full potential of these efforts unless they are accompanied by both time and monetary investments in ensuring their organization’s data is clean, accurate and organized, specifically when it comes to foundational elements like patient identity.

After all, you can’t reach your patients or other consumers, or effectively analyze and manage your data, without accurately and reliably knowing who they are.

This Heathcare IT News article addresses the answers to 3 key questions:

1. Most health system leaders say they’re stuck in planning and pre-implementation when it comes to digital health, according to HIMSS. In your experience, why do you think this is?

2. What must healthcare CIOs and other C-suite executives do to get unstuck?

3. You suggest that as more organizations open the digital front door, patient data and patient identification will become increasingly important. Please elaborate.

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