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Verato and Audience Acuity Announce Partnership for Enhanced Patient Matching

MCLEAN, VA and LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Oct 24, 2017) –  Verato, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based identity resolution and matching solutions, and Audience Acuity, a leading data and services company that helps organizations to identify and target online and offline audiences, jointly announced a partnership around enhancing each party’s core data assets. As part of this partnership, Verato will license Audience Acuity identity attributes, specifically emails and other digital identifiers, to expand its own reference database to assist with matching and resolving identities. Audience Acuity will leverage Verato software to validate and assemble a single view of each individual consumer across all data within their universal data warehouse.

Audience Acuity has developed a unique approach that blends the precision of an individually compiled, deterministic data asset, with the scale of a near-census database containing all channel data needed to map online to offline identities of U.S. adults and combined it with approximately 1,000 pieces of information to help businesses contextually understand each identity. Equally important, this same data asset has been aggregated into households to allow its users to effectively complement existing database investments in household oriented files. This also enables clients to address the challenge of matching partial data from the offline and online world together.

“The net result of our partnership with Verato is that our clients are able to eliminate all marketing waste associated with generic or household-based data sets that perform sub-optimally in today’s digital world,” said Jeff Berke, CEO, Audience Acuity. “Verato’s next-generation matching technology and their authoritative identity database allow us to take our advanced data science routines to the next level and ultimately offer the most accurate and comprehensive set of online and offline consumer identity data commercially available in today’s market.”

Verato offers an innovative, cloud-based platform that accurately matches and links identities across disparate databases and organizations by using a next-generation “referential matching” approach. Verato uses its comprehensive and authoritative database of demographic data as an “answer key” during the matching process, allowing Verato to match identities even if they contain different, old, incorrect, or incomplete demographic data. In benchmark tests, the Verato referential matching approach has significantly outperformed more traditional approaches, enabling organizations that leverage Verato to accurately match and link their customer identities and gain 360-degree views of each individual person.

“Emails are increasingly being used as a form of identification, so our partnership with Audience Acuity is a logical extension to our matching approach, which relies on leveraging an answer key of identity attributes during our matching process,” said Mark LaRow, CEO, Verato. “Our clients will now be able to improve match rates and link customer identities to develop a richer picture of their customers across channels. This includes being able to match very sparse identifying data from online sources to rich customer profiles from offline sources to provide more robust analytics and a better customer experience.”

About Audience Acuity
Audience Acuity offers a next generation, individual compiled, purely deterministic, data set, capable of supporting complex marketing and operational use cases that require the ability to identify and contextually interact with today’s consumer across all channels. We use a unique build process that blends large amounts of transaction activity and then uses Verato’s identity resolution as a final validation step. Net result is precision at scale. Audience Acuity is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. For additional information visit

About Verato
Verato offers a cloud-based matching platform that links and matches identities across disparate databases or organizations with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. Verato leverages an extensive self-learning database of U.S. identities as a reference, or universal “answer key.” And because it is cloud-based, the Verato platform is less expensive, faster to implement, and more scalable than traditional matching technology. Verato is based in McLean, VA. For more information, visit