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Verato Launches SDOH-Driven Solution to Support COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Featured in HIT Consultant

Verato, a provider of next-generation identity services, announced today the launch of Verato Enrich, an identity information service that makes demographic and social determinants of health (SDOH) data more complete for public health and COVID-19 contact tracing. Verato Enrich is powered by the company’s cloud-based enterprise master person index (EMPI). It can append a wide array of data ranging from basic contact information like missing phone numbers and addresses to lifestyle data like income, ethnicity, race, occupation, and interests to patient records.

Address Gaps in Demographics and SDOH Data

Verato Enrich extends the value proposition of Verato’s next-generation EMPI, providing a critical infrastructure backbone for contact tracing and public health analytics, enabling health organizations to accurately integrate information from a wide variety of sources and efficiently drive actionable workflows and information sharing.

Why COVID-19 Contract Tracing Matters

Approximately 80% of positive COVID-19 test results are submitted electronically and current reports show that as many as 50% lack enough contact data to support contact tracing. With Verato Enrich, health systems, commercial labs, and public health teams gain an increased understanding of people and the critical non-clinical factors that impact health. Enrich acts as an accelerator, enabling contact tracing and analysis to be more efficient and effective. Shortening the cycle between infection notification and actionable data is the only way to ensure a rapid response and contain the virus.

“Contact tracing requires significant manual effort for identity data entry which is naturally prone to data errors. Further, the data provided to public health is very often incomplete or not accurate enough for contact tracers to reach the individuals. Closing this gap requires a lot of additional manual research that slows response rates,” said Mark LaRow, CEO of Verato. “Verato Enrich enables public health teams to better understand people and populations. Our solution underscores our commitment to bringing to market innovative tools that help improve the health of our communities.”

“Never has person identity data mattered more than in the containment of the virus and reopening of the economy,” LaRow added. “At Verato, our mission remains grounded in partnering with health care to improve data integrity for mission-critical activity.